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Ground Mount Solar Panel System Specifications - Central Inverter

Ground Mount Solar Panels 2 - medium
Ground Mount Solar Panels 3 - medium

Number of Solar Panels in Array

Estimated Energy Production


440 kW/month - 5.2 MW annually


875 kW/month - 10.5 MW annually


1600 kW/month - 19.2 MW annually

  • Ground mount systems use a central inverter, usually housed in a garage or shop.
  • Ground mount systems are typically for acreages and farms or in situations where there is no south facing roof and adequate room for a larger system.
  • Ground mount systems need to be mounted on footing of either concrete or pressure treated timbers.
  • Most counties are very accepting of solar energy production.
  • Solar harvest figures are based on a 235W panel and average of 5 hours of sunshine per day throughout the year.
  • The average 1200 sq. ft. home uses 7.8 MW of electricity annually.
  • Energy providers give dollar for dollar credit on any electricity delivered back to the grid.

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